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My fee for a Capital Gains Tax Valuation report on a residential property is $180 + gst.

That's right! Capital Gains Tax, yet one more tax to pay on property!

And we pay Capital Gains Tax to the Australian Taxation Office.

Capital Gains Tax must be paid after the ownership of certain types of real property changes. In that case, a formal Capital Gains Tax Valuation report, signed by a qualified valuer, often must be available to the Australian Taxation Office when a taxpayer is sending in a tax return.

So, when will you need a Capital Gains Tax Valuation report? If you sell an "investment" property, and make a capital gain, Capital Gains Tax Valuations both at the start and end of the period during which the property generated an income may be required. The government needs the opinion of an independent expert (like me!) to nominate the market value of the property at a specific date, in order to be sure that the correct amount of Capital Gains Tax is paid.

I provide many Capital Gains Tax Valuation reports every week, and I fully understand the process of compiling Capital Gains Tax Valuation reports that are acceptable to the Australian Taxation Office. It is important that the sales evidence in the report is relevant, because such data indicates the state of the market at the time, and the tax man wants yet another pound of flesh! But I also know that my clients do not wish to pay more Capital Gains Tax than necessary.

I look forward to assisting you with your Capital Gains Tax Valuation report requirements, for my low fee of $180 + gst for all residential property.


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