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My fee for a Super Fund Valuation report on a residential property is $180 + gst.

Oh yes! Super Fund Valuation reports; another requirement to be fulfilled by property owners!

A Super Fund Valuation report must be provided annually to the Australian Taxation Office, as requested, and generally an auditor will ask for a formal Super Fund Valuation report to be provided by a qualified valuer (like me!) once every three years.

I provide many Super Fund Valuation reports every week, and I certainly know the process of presenting a Super Fund Valuation report that is acceptable to the Australian Taxation Office. It is important that the evidence and calculations shown in the Super Fund Valuation report are relevant and recent, and this is to the benefit of my clients.

I look forward to assisting you with your Super Fund Valuation report requirements, for my low fee of $180 + gst for all residential property. For Super Fund Valuation reports on commercial property, the fee is variable.


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